7 th Motorcycle-Trailer Meeting June 2011

7 th Motorcycle - Trailer Meeting June 2011

Invitation for everybody who can imagine a motorcycle with a trailer:

- Drivers of motorcycles with trailers
- Drivers of Trikes and Scooters with trailers
- Bikers who are intersted in trailers
- Dealer and trader of motorcycle - trailers

02. till 05. June 2011
Außenliegend 22
D- 63679 Schotten/ Vogelsberg
06044- 2880


- Camping opportunity
-Restrooms / Toilets
- Food and beverages ( Restaurant " Falltorhaus)
- You can bring your own food / beverage
- No charge for admission
- Oppertunity to donate to cover the costs of the event

Voyage, departure and attendance takes place on one´s own risk!

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